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Floral "LOVE" - Office Print and Frame
  • Floral "LOVE" - Office Print and Frame
  • Floral "LOVE" - Office Print and Frame
  • Floral "LOVE" - Office Print and Frame

Floral "LOVE" - Office Print and Frame

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Floral "LOVE" office print and frame

Add a romantic touch to your work space with this beautiful LOVE print! Each letter features a floral accent.

About our Prints

Quotes are printed on premium matte 100 lb cardstock paper.

This print is available in our 5" x 5" frames.

About Frames

Our patent-pended frames allow you the option to hang your motivational print via push pins on any push pin-friendly surface (such as corkboard) or via magnets on any metallic surface giving you the ability to display your beautiful inspiring quote in your cubicle or any other workspace.

One frame consists of:
* a shell made of Eastern White Pine, which is individually hand painted & sealed.
* a plastic insert (Note: we do not used glass in our frames to keep the total weight low and allow the frames to hold well on any surface) We use high quality and durable craft plastic that gives the same visual effect and protection of glass.
* foam and cardboard padding to secure and protect the print.
* our unique dual sided backing that gives you the option to hang your print with magnets or push pins.

Frames come in 1 of 4 finishes:

Please indicate which finish you would like in the drop down option box.

*****Please note our wooden frames are natural wood and we choose to preserve some of the natural effects of the wood, which we believe adds to the character of our frames.*****